Friday, March 10, 2017

Updates from My Art World X (January 2017)

1. Sketches on Public Transport
F is for EFFORT- something that I choose to put in everyday to keep my creative juices flowing

2. Started a plein painting at Sloane Square

First sitting

Second sitting

3. One to One Coaching with Gary

Final one to one Tutoring with Gary on Plein Air

4. Voice- Overs for new short films coming up!

5. "To Voilet with Love"- A short film I presented on The One Show on BBC One.

Adebanji dicussses with Iris on The One Show.

6. I sketched, painted and interviewed Chris Eubanks on The One Show on BBC One.

TX Card Poster for The One Show by ICON FILMS

Chris Eubanks, Oil on Canvas, 39" x 39"

The painting is progress with palette

7. I had two articles in The Artist magazine

I had two articles in The Artist Magazine, one was part of my Motivational Tips and The other on  how I paint Rain and Reflections.



John Simlett said...

Blimey! Adebanji! Look at you .... you make me feel so proud; that's a shot in the arm for us struggling artists albeit I'm not in your league ... At 80 I've only just learnt to paint myself in oil, next I'll try to get some on the canvas.

You're going to keep me in smiles all day!

Well done, mate!

adebanji said...

Thanks John!!