Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Do what I love most-Sketching and Sharing.

The Experience, The Fun, The Passion, The Desire-It's always a different ball game when we do what we were CREATED to do, when we do what we were WIRED to do.....
Let me explain, the week I did this learning session, I pulled my back muscle around my waist, it was so bad, I had to stay at home, I was wondering as the Sketching Workshop was approaching, "How am I going to cope?" 

Addressing the crew, ready to fly!!

I couldn't sit down for long....the pain was excruciating!

Then Saturday the 6th of September came and I managed to go to the Workshop. I'm not kidding.....immediately I saw the people all lined up waiting for the session....The back ache vanished and from 11.30 to 17.30- I searched for the pain, tried to touch where it was hurting but to no avail. The pain took its flight. I enjoyed the workshop-without any aches or pains. It was a fantastic day!

The Workshop in progress , answering questions.

Now, you won't believe it, I got home that evening and the back ache whispered to me....."I'm still here ooo, can you feel me?" I felt the pain again......

Showing a few tips, while sketching is in progress

But while in my element-SKETCHING and SHARING-I didn't feel a thing!

Picture of one of the demos taken by Gareth Jones

I can't explain it! Some call it Adrenaline, Some call it Inspiration.

All I would say is this, "May God help us all to have the courage and boldness to go out and live what we dreamed to be, without any fears or limitations! Because it is the pure work of the enemy to get us trapped in a life, in a job, in a box that was never ours to be in. God's design for us was to operate in our element....When in our element-we glorify God at the highest level and our lives are far more enjoyable"

Sitting o  the floor and doing the demo at Covent Garden

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."-Ephesians 2:10 KJV

"For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."-Ephesians 2:10 NIV

"For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago."-Ephesians 2:10 NLT

"For we are his creatures who are created in Yeshua The Messiah for good works, those things which God had from the first prepared that we should walk in them."-Aramic Bible in Plain English

So there must have been an INITIAL DESIGN PLANNED BY GOD, A DESIGN planned BEFORE, long BEFORE we were BORN.

It is my prayer that you never rest until you DISCOVER THAT MASTER PLAN, and when you discover it, TO HAVE THE COURAGE AND BOLDNESS TO LIVE IT!

Thanks Oh Lord for the way you made me!

A Dio sia la gloria

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My paintings at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Exhibition 2014

It's that time of the year again! The Annual Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters is currently on and will run from the 10th of December to the 21st of December at the Mall Galleries, London.

This year I am really pleased to have had four paintings selected for the show.

All my paintings this year focus on the effect of light in urban spaces. I decided to explore the mystery of shadows and radiant light.

Rupert Street, Soho, 18" x 9", Oil on Board, 2014

 This is a scene from Rupert Street Soho at Night.  I was working on a commission when I got the idea for this painting. This is typical Soho at night. Rupert Street has many night clubs and the neon lights at night are just explosive. I exaggerated the colour to have a saturated warmth and included two main figures to balance the abstracted crowds in the background. I really love painting night scenes as they are mainly about tones and very little about temperature.

Summer Heat, Edinburgh, 16" x 20", Oil on canvas, 2014

This is a scene from an Edinburgh Street in the blazing afternoon in Summer. I tried my best to move totally from the normal local colours of a scene like this to a warm blazed colour scheme. I was drawn to the scene because of the reflective wall on the right. It almost seemed like a scene with in the scene. I thought it added a lot of drama to what would have been an ordinary street scene.

Morning Light, Sloane Square, 20" x 30", Oil on canvas, 2014

This is a scene from Sloane Square. For those of you conversant with my blog, you'll know I love Sloane Square! I can paint this area all year through. This time I was totally mesmerized by the powerful radiant morning light from the right side of  Sloane Square Station. It was the abstract shape and it's effect on the few figures emerging from the Station in the morning that made it irresistible for me!

Summer Shadows, Marylebone, 8" x 20", Oil on board, 2014

And the last painting I have in the show is a scene from Marylebone. The one thing that drew me in here was the back lighting! Everything was in pure silhouette apart from the sky and the effect of light on the foreground. I just love when light explodes in the background of an urban space in this fashion!

Adebanji with "Summer Heat, Edinburgh" at the ROI Annual Exhibition 2014

The whole exhibition is a visual feast! If you are in London or around London and you love oil paintings, take a trip down to the Mall Galleries for this great show, you'll enjoy it! But if you can't make it you can see some of the works online by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


After the success of "EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT SKETCHING" in August, I'm taking on a new workshop on the 29th of October, 2014 (WEDNESDAY) at Harris Academy, Falconwood. It is all about the URBAN LANDSCAPE, Some call it CITSCAPES, or TOWNSCAPES or URBANSCAPES or STREETSCENES!

This workshop is all about how to paint Convincing and Expressive Landscapes indoors!

St Pauls

After a Demonstration with Knockholt Art Group on a London street Scene
The Royal Academy in progress
Bank of England in progress

The video below gives you a quick run down of what we'll be covering.

I paint a lot outdoors, and I bring the knowledge of what I have gained outdoors, indoors. Both of these types of painting inform each other.

Adebanji capturing Morning Light, Chelsea Riverside, indoors

Morning Light, Chelsea Riverside (This is the painting Adebanji was working on, in the picture above)

"If you are able to understand how to approach the painting indoor, it will really help while you are outdoor."

Adebanji working outdoors. (there's nothing stopping you from achieving both effects. Outdoor and indoors)

Summerlight Chelsea World's End- the completed painting which Adebanji was painting in the picture above

Moreover winter is on its way and not everyone might like what you see below!

I had about 10 layers on......

Also had my Eskimo Ice breakers on......

If you are up for this, please register by clicking this link HERE

Or email me by clicking HERE, if you are interested and you can come with your payment on the day, if you don't use PayPal facilities.

Below are list of what you'll learn while painting on the day.

  • How to paint convincing and expressive Urban landscapes-indoors.
  • What to look for outdoors to give your indoor paintings that spark of the outdoors!
  • Making colour notes.
  • The importance of an abstract pattern with a very good value plan.
  • Approaching your painting with a layering and corrective process with the mind of a sketcher.
  • How to scale your pictures to suit the size of the ground you are going to be working on. Both the traditional way and with the Accurasee App.
  • How to put figures and cars into the painting through the silhouette method without getting bogged down with much detail.
  • How to simplify perspective in three simple steps.
  • The best times to take pictures.
  • Making your painting a personal statement and developing a painters shorthand that suggests rather than copies.
  • And most importantly, get direction and help from Adebanji while you work on your paintings after the break.
The Venue is:
Date: Wednesday 29th October 2014, 10am - 4pm
Venue: Harris Academy, Falconwood, DA16 2PE
Free parking available.
Tea and Coffee Provided. Pls bring your packed lunch

Please visit my website to see more of what I do, by clicking HERE

Tuesday, September 30, 2014



As part of the Buxton Spa Art Prize this year, there was a unique prize sponsored by Harold Riley to award £2,000 to any of the participants in the Buxton Art Prize. I am so  happy to announce I won the prize! It mean the world to me! Getting great recognition for my addictive habit!

He (Harold Riley) mentioned this about the Prize, "I am sponsoring a prize which I think may be unique in the UK. All artists have sketch/workbooks which grasp initial visionary thoughts which aid competitors and capture the essence of a yet to be painted work. Such books are rarely seen publicly although they offer an insight into the creative instincts of the artist. The prize offers the opportunity to allow others an insight into the mind of an artist." 

Adebanji With Prize, Certificate and The Sketchbook at The Greenman Gallery Buxton, Exhibition runs till October 12th, 2014

Adebanji sketching as the official Sketchographer at a Wedding in London, The sketches at this wedding were part of the sketches in the Winning Sketchbook.

One of the sketchspreads in the Winning Sketchbook- I sketched these on my way to submit the sketchbook at Buxton
Below (on the Video) is how the inside of the whole sketchbook looked, I recorded it myself at the Greenman Gallery, Buxton.


This took place on the 15th of August, 2014. There were about 13 in attendance and they all enjoyed the day with a real buzz.

This workshop was all about the Urban Landscape. I did a 90 minute demo on one of my favourite spots in London, Kensington Church Street! After the Demo they all got down to working out there urban Landscapes with assistance from me.

The Title of this workshop was the Urban Landscape, with the Fulham Society of Artists & Potters


This was held on the 27th of August, 2014 at Harris Academy. There were 5 in attendance and we had a model for the day too!

Adebanji and the participants at the Workshop, "Everything I know about Sketching"

Participants working on the Sketching techniques, especially BLIND CONTOUR!

Highlights of the Ghosting Technique with Charcoal Dust, water and Oil Base Pencil.

Here I shared all my tips, secrets and techniques on Everything I know about Sketching!

Highlights of a more detailed sketch from beginning to end-Just like I would do it on the Train or Tube. This was done with a Black BIC ball point Pen and N75 TOMBOW ABT Dual wash Pen

Highlights of  painting  in colour from black and white sketches-I painted this from a black and white sketch.


This took place on the 6th of September. I held two Learning sessions at the Moleskine Store at Covent Garden. All Workshops were Sold out and the whole day was great and wonderful!

On the way to the workshop with the full Arsenal ready to sketch!

One of the sketches I  did on the day at Covent Garden.

Sketching a figure and the surroundings at Moleskine Store, Covent Garden

Showing some examples of past sketches at Covent Garden after the demonstration.

Sketching a figure and the surroundings at Moleskine Store, Covent Garden

During a demonstration at Covent Garden

This was a workshop done in collaboration with UrbanSketchers and Moleskine. I tried out their new Sketch Album which is great for pen and pencil work.

That's me and Olha, we both did learning sessions at The Moleskine Store, Covent Garden.


This was a 2 hour demonstration that took place on the 18th of September with The Knockholt Art Group, Seveoaks. There were 31 people in attendance and I did a Demo on a "London Street Scene" explaining my techniques and thoughts as I painted in acrylic.

Adebanji after the 2 hour Demonstration with the Knockholt Art Group

Participants at the Knockholt Art Group Demo.

After the Demo with the Palette.


This took place on the 20th of September with the Sevenoaks Art Society. 12 people were in attendance. They were great and hosted a wonderful 5 star Lunch....I must go back there! It was exciting.

After the demonstration with my palette at the Sevenoaks art Society

For this Workshop I did a 90 minute demonstration on how I paint crowded scenes. After the break they produced some great work too!

After the Workshop at Sevenoaks with all participants

Watch out for my next Workshop which will be taking place on the 29th of October, 2014 (10am-4pm) at Harris Academy and it is going to be on the URBAN LANDSCAPE! Don't miss it
If you are in London or nearby in October please register now! Click HERE for details!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MY UPCOMING WORKSHOP-"Everything I know about Sketching!"

I've been running this sketching blog since 2006 and a lot of my readers have always asked for a hands on practical workshop- So I'm delighted to announce that I'll be holding an intensive one day WORKSHOP on "Everything I know about Sketching!".

To register for this workshop you can click HERE

The details are as follows:

Everything I know about sketching: ONE DAY WORKSHOP at Harris Academy, Falconwood on Wednesday, 27th of August, 2014 from 10-4pm.
  • ·         How to develop a sketching habit
  • ·         Everything starts with a sketch -SEE, SQUINT, SHAPES and SKETCH!
  • ·         How to fall in love with your sketchbook.
  • ·         The Power of the Eye-Hand co-ordination
  • ·         Sketching Techniques
  • ·         Working from the model- the PORTRAIT SKETCH, the FIGURE SKETCH
  • ·         Sketching on Public transport- all my tips and secrets, handling the pressure and still having a passion.
  • ·         Sketching in Oil, acrylic, Gouache, watercolour, Coloured Pencils, Ball point Pens and TOM BOW markers, graphite, charcoal....etc-bring any medium you are comfortable with.
  • ·         How to paint from a sketch
  • ·         Urban Sketching-Sketch the world around you

THESE ARE MY MAIN BALL POINT SKETCHING TOOLS- A simple BIC Black Ball Point Pen and an N75 TOM BOW dual wash pen.
THESE ARE MY MAIN GRAPHITE SKETCHING TOOLS-A simple stick of Chunky graphite and a Mechanical clutch pencil, preferably 0.5mm 

It’s an Intensive workshop!
Please bring
  • ·         Sketchbooks......empty ready for the filling!
  • ·         Papers assorted loads........
  • ·         Easel (your own easel, if you can’t we have tables available)
  • ·         Any medium to sketch with (pencils, pens, charcoal, watercolour, markers, oil, acrylic, gouache)
  • ·         Notebook (for notes and important points)


Please bring your packed lunch. Tea, biscuits and coffee will be provided. Be fit and ready this is a workshop that will get you inspired and change the way you SEE.

Beware-you might become ADDICTED to SKETCHING!!!

Register at www.adebanjialade.co.uk/workshop or CLICK HERE to register

PRICE: £75 per each participant

If you don't have PayPal facilities you can Email me to confirm your place and send a cheque. You can also Email me by clicking HERE

Locations- making your sketch come to life!

Locations II- Focusing on what makes your sketch interesting!

Faces- Meeting people that interest you on the street and sketching them right there and then....how to make it work!

Faces II- Sketching on Public Transport - enjoying the wonderful people you meet from day to day, without fear or any inhibition.

Sketch Spread usage- Making the complicated less complicated!
Lets get ready to run with it! 

Painting from sketches will  be demonstrated at the workshop!
Please share, like and comment....Lets give this a go!!!!